English Long Face Muff Tumbler


Large as possible, proportionate to size of body. Round profile rising sharply with a forward sweep perfectly round to the back of the head, then merging to the neck and full at the cheeks.


Bold and centrally placed, iris pearl white, pupil black and small as possible.

Eye Cere

Small and thread-like. Close feathered around beak and same color as beak.


Close fitting mandibles wide at base and thick in profile giving a blunt, boxed effect not coming to a sharp point, both mandibles to be of equal thickness and substance. Beak set straight so if a line were drawn it would pass through the eye cere at the bottom of the eye.


Small, neat, fine in texture and white in color. Close fitting so as to appear an integral part of the beak rather than set upon it.


Broad at base, tapering slightly to the throat, slightly arched and of medium size.


Short, cobby and wedged shaped of medium size. Chest broad, deep and well-rounded carried forward. Appearance is one of cobbiness with well-rounded contours.

Flights & Tail

Flights tightly folded, broad and short coverts closing neatly over the rump. Tail short, tightly folded and slightly tapering, allowing the flights to meet ½" from end of tail. There should be 12 main tail feathers.

Feather Quality

Fine, smooth and soft with good breadth. Profuse and reasonably loose on head and neck to give fullness, becoming closer and tighter fitting on body, wings and tail.


Profuse, the outer edge forming a half circle and meeting the hocks without a break. Five to six inches to be the length.